Clear Advantages

  • GERMAN WINDOWS windows have the highest weather resistance and the greatest longevity in the market.
  • Our windows and doors are structurally extremely stable.
  • Many sizes and forms are only realisable through German Windows aluminum window systems.
  • Branded and testes window hardware components from German and Italian manufactures such as ROTO, GIESSE, HAUTAU, WINKHAUS, SIEGENIA/ AUBI, HOPPE and GREENTEQ are incorporated.
  • Windows and doors made of our special extruded profiles require minimal maintenance—they are very durable because our aluminum is highly resistant to weather, erosion and general wear and tear.
  • Through individualized powder-coatings, German Windows aluminium windows and doors are available in almost any color desired.
  • Our aluminium windows and doors are environmentally friendly. Not only do they demonstrate excellent insulating qualities, but they are also 100% recyclable.
  • We offer a higher level of security against break-ins and noise than either Timber or PVC windows.
  • GERMAN WINDOWS are able to carry glazings up to 32 mm thickness, manufactured from selected Malaysian glass suppliers with international roots.