Soundproof Aluminum Windows & Doors

Millions of people around the country are adversely affected by noise. Noise pollution can lead to health issues such as sleep deprivation, high blood pressure and higher stress levels. Sound insulation technology has become a major factor when choosing the most suitable solutions for windows and doors.

Q-Windows profiles are designed for acoustic insulation, cutting out excessive sound and the harmful effects of noise.

Q- Windows are particularly effective in buildings in high traffic, built up urban environments and close to the seaside.

Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). A comfortable sound level is around 35 dB in daytime and 30 dB at night.

Anly by selecting the perfect combination of profile and glazing we are able to reach these sound levels.

Soundproof Window Performance Test

Adjust your speakers and listen to our sound performance samples below. You will be amazed by the difference a real soundproof / sound insulating aluminum window makes.

If the sound level (volume) drops by 10 dB, it is perceived as half as loud.

Conversely, if the sound level increases by 10 dB, it is perceived as twice as loud.


Sound level
reduction 32 dB
-32 dB
Sound level
reduction 40 dB
-40 dB
Street noise
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