High-Quality, Powder Coated, Aluminum Windows & Doors

For our aluminum window and door coating, we exclusively use high-quality powder coatings of the leading brand, Akzo Nobel!

In order to do justice to the comprehensive nature of high-quality products surrounding Q- WINDOWS aluminium windows, we lay as much worth on the color coatings as we do on the quality of glass, on the choice of profile and on the construction of our Q- WINDOWS aluminium windows.

That’s why we use exclusively powder coatings provided by leading maker Akzo Nobel for the manufacture of our Q-Windows aluminium windows. Akzo Nobel has set the standard for years regarding new accents in color schemes and regarding both the configuration and the resiliency of high-quality surfaces in architectural components.

Our standard colors are white and brown but we have a selection of over 21 colors available. Our Online color-sheet will give you a better indication of our entire range. Please enquire with us if you have any questions.