Entrance Door

The entrance door is the central element in the front area of your home, acting as elegant visual connection between the exterior and the interior. Security is one of the most important features.

By using of German made WINKHAUS Multi- point- bolt looks these doors are burglary proofed.

Q-Window doors are manufactured under usage of extra heavy profiles, top-quality panels or security glass only. An insulated flat threshold made by GREENTEQ ensure total air- tighness.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technology a stylish front door does not have to be unaffordable anymore.


Class Value Test Method
Sound Insulation performance (dB) 2 up to 40 DIN EN 20140
Rain impact resistance (Pa) C8 433 DIN EN 12208
Air permeability (m³/h m) 4 0.3 DIN EN 12207
Security Class Standard - DIN EN 1627
Thermal protection (W / m²K) - up to 2,2 DIN EN 10077