Lift and Slide

Q-Window’s Lift & Slide door systems are a popular choice for opening up large expanses. A system of levers and wheels lifts the panel off the sill enabling movement of large, heavy panels with very little effort.

A door weighing up to 400 kg can be opened with ease.

Features & Benefits

  • Levers and wheels lift the panels off the sill, freeing it from weather stripping with very little effort
  • Sill-supported panels run on two multi-wheel carriages
  • Resistant to air and water infiltration by two level weather seals at the top, bottom and sides
  • High-quality German made HAUTAU non-corrosive multi point locking hardware guarantee secure functionality with high ease-of-use.
  • Perfect freedom and a direct connection to the garden or the terrace.

Sash arrangements

Handle types


Class Value Test Method
Sound Insulation performance (dB) 2 up to 40 DIN EN 20140
Rain impact resistance (Pa) C8 433 DIN EN 12208
Air permeability (m³/h m) 4 0.3 DIN EN 12207
Security Class Standard - DIN EN 1627
Thermal protection (W / m²K) - up to 2,2 DIN EN 10077